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Extremely IMPORTANT -  the right shoes for diabetics!

People with diabetes often suffer from foot problems due to their disease.
Please be aware that the healing of injuries takes far longer for diabetes patients than it does for healthy people.

As a result of the deterioration of the pain-conducting nerve fibers pain sensation alters,
and a diabetic person may feel little or no pain at all.  So a significant early warning sign of pressure marks
(e.g. caused by too tight shoes) or pressure sores is missing. This, in connection with a simultaneously existent circulatory disorder,
can cause painless foot ulcers that quickly develop an infection and heal poorly.

More information from our partner  
Accurate footgear can spare a diabetic from pain and problems!
Many foot injuries are caused by “bad” shoes.
A diabetic can and should obviate these risks.

Nowadays, it is easy to find a well-fitting shoe. And it does not always require a custom-made pair.
Our shoe collection offers a wide range of footwear for people with diabetes.
Diabetic shoes must be comfortable, provide a secure hold, be easy to put on and take off,
and have an appealing look.